"It's A Wonderful Occupation": Occupy Resolutions for 2012

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In San Jose, Calif., as participants of the Occupy movement protested in front of Wells Fargo with a backdrop of the city's "Christmas in the Park," Silicon Valley De-Bug asked protesters: What is your resolution for the Occupy movement in 2012?

Less Wells Fargo, more credit unions, and more Latinos in the Occupy movement
NAME: Kathrine Rodriguez
VOCATION/OCCUPATION: San Jose State University Student
RESOLUTION: "I'd like to see more Latino citizens coming down and supporting the movement. Also, people moving their accounts out of Wells Fargo into credit unions on a bigger scale and foreclosed homes being occupied by tons of students, tons of people from the community... So that the banks have to do something about it!"

A culture of resistance
NAME: Latu Taputota
VOCATION/OCCUPATION: Member of 50/50 Collective
RESOLUTION: "Just to see how we as folks from different organizations and different communities of color can come together to move beyond an occupy movement, how do we build a cultural resistance in San Jose that addresses all these issues already, be well prepared if the banks continue to foreclose our homes. My resolution is to see how we can move beyond it and use our resources and our bodies to build a cultural resistance in San Jose thats more collective."

Pay for your home, stay in your home!
NAME: Gina Gates
VOCATION//OCCUPATION: Most Holy Trinity PACT leader
RESOLUTION: "We'd like to see some people go to jail! We support our Attorney General Harris %100. We want to see a meaningful settlement for folks who have lost their homes to these bank... And some relief for home owners, we want to see principle reduction. And we want to see people who can pay for either homes, STAY in their homes!"

Organizing on a daily basis
NAME: Adam
VOCATION//OCCUPATION: Customer Service in Medical Industry
RESOLUTION: "To see the Occupy movement be a place to expand organizing into workplace issues, foreclosures -- what people are experiencing locally on the day to day."

Take over the banks in 2012
NAME: Sandy Perry
VOCATION/OCCUPATION: Outreach Minister for Community Homeless Alliance Ministry
RESOLUTION: NO MORE BAILOUTS! More public banks, more public money systems to take care of jobs, housing, healthcare, and education -- instead of investing so much on jails and prisons. We need to take over the banks in 2012!"

Human need over corporate profit
NAME: Cesar Juarez
VOCATION/OCCUPATION: Community Organizer
RESOLUTION: " A 2012 when human need is given precedence over profit, and ultimately an economy and government system that reflects the need of the people."

Less reflection, more action
NAME: Jose Sandoval
RESOLUTION: "I don't want a 2012 resolution, I want a resolution for TOMORROW! Year goals are no good. That's the problem, people go and sit down and want to plan out their next step and take so much time in meetings writing down their resolution, that by the time the next year is coming to an end, nothing has been done! There is a formula everyone must follow: R + A = S. Reflection + Action = Solutions!