Judge Finds Tucson's Ethnic Studies Program Violates Arizona Law

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Tucson's Mexican American studies program violates a new state law, according to an administrative judge in Arizona. The judge on Tuesday upheld the determination by Tucson Unified School District Superintendent John Huppenthal that Tucson's ethnic studies programs "promote resentment against a race or class of people," and are designed primarily for one ethnic group and "advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating students as individuals."

Editors of La Opinión write that the current wave of nativist sentiment in Arizona is trying to "rewrite the past and establish an official history in which Mexican American lives and perspectives simply don’t exist."

Apparently the history of the 28 percent of the population of Arizona that is Mexican-American, will not be counted so as not to offend those who discriminate and mistreat minorities, editors write.

"If Arizona could deal with its present it would have no reason to fear its past," the editorial concludes.