Running as a DREAM Act Republican

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Joseph “Tony” Carlos has no interest in a career in politics.

The California Deputy District Attorney and Republican congressional candidate’s website makes that clear, as does Carlos himself. “I’m not a politician. I’m not going to tell someone to vote for me,” he said during a recent interview with Fox News Latino.

What Carlos is interested in is changing the attitude of the Republican Party and many conservative voters when it comes to the issue of immigration. In a state where 38 percent of voters are considered Latino, the pro-DREAM ACT GOP candidate sees it as not only immoral, but also as stupid to alienate a large number of voters with hard-line rhetoric on immigration.

“When the stats are like they are in California, you can’t go and push the hard-line rhetoric that comes at the national level,” Carlos said. “For many Mexicans, it is so obvious we don’t vote Republican because of the immigration issue.”

Carlos is a third generation Mexican-American. His great-grandfather crossed over the border in Arizona to work in the mines, while his great-grandmother arrived on board a cargo ship in San Francisco.

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