Study: 77 Percent of Latina Retail Workers Earn Less Than $10/hr

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A new study by the Retail Action Project and the City University of New York released data that shows a dramatic gender gap in wages in the retail industry — one in which black and Latina women are hit the hardest.

The report is based on data collected by 435 retail workers at national companies. According to information pulled from those surveys, women earn an average of $9.00 per hour, compared to $10.13 per hour earned by men. Those numbers are especially pronounced for women of color —53 percent of black women and 77 percent of Latina women earn less than $10 per hour.

While many retailers benefited from Black Friday weekend sales, the workers who were hired to help meet that demand are often stuck in temporary, low-wage jobs, according to the study.

“We’re happy that more people have the opportunity to go back to work, but the majority of jobs created are low-wage, part time, and seasonal. The retail industry is thriving and can do better,” said Retail Action Project’s Carrie Gleason.

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