Turbaned U.S. Army Doctor Awarded Bronze Star

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Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, one of only three turbaned soldiers currently serving in the U.S. Army, received a Bronze Star Dec. 1, after returning from a six-month stint in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

In its citation for Kalsi’s bronze star – the fourth- highest combat award – the Army recognized Kalsi’s “exceptionally meritorious service as an emergency medicine physician” while deployed in Afghanistan.”

The Army also listed 20 of Kalsi’s major achievements while he was deployed in Afghanistan, noting that he provided emergency care to over 750 soldiers and successfully resuscitated back to life two patients who were clinically dead on arrival from the only Army expeditionary hospital in Afghanistan.

“I was speechless,” Kalsi told India-West about learning that he had received a Bronze Star. “I felt honored that the Army had recognized my hard work and effort.”