Deportation Pilot Program Doesn't Go Far Enough, Activists Say

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WASHINGTON -- Local and national leaders compared the preliminary results of Obama's deportation pilot program, which has been reviewing pending deportation cases in Denver and Baltimore, to a student who has a lot of potential but doesn't deliver, reports La Opinión. Administration officials insisted that they must have patience with the process, which is still at its beginning stages. During the six-week pilot program, about 12,000 deportation cases are being reviewed in the two cities: 7,800 cases in Denver and 5,000 in Baltimore.

Initial data released by the government indicates that in Denver, 1,300 records, or 16 percent of the cases reviewed, received an administrative closure. In Baltimore, 10 percent of the 3,759 cases reviewed so far, received the same benefit. This means deportation is delayed for a considerable time, but does not grant legal status. New America Media reported that this can leave many families in limbo.