Justin Bieber Reppin’ the Vietnamese at CES in Las Vegas

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 Fandoms collide at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that opened yesterday and runs until January 13th this year.

While CES is usually known for being tech mecca and made a name for itself for being the choice debut stage for gadgets like the Microsoft Xbox and the plasma TV, this year’s show will also feature the polarizing pop star/teenage heart throb Justin Bieber enticing fans to check out robots at the show. And what robot company is Bieber playing spokesman for in particular? Why, none other than TOSY Robotics, Vietnam’s premier robotics firm.

How on earth did Bieber get involved with a Vietnamese robotics firm? (Or rather, how much are they paying him to be there?) The world–except for a select few, including Bieber, his agent, and those at TOSY–may never know. One thing’s for sure, the event’s going to be like baby, baby, baby oh!

The surreality of “Justin Bieber” and “Vietnamese robot firms” being in the same sentence aside, who’s excited to see what Vietnam has to offer in the latest robotics technology?