Korean Beauty Trend To Hit U.S.

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 Flawless skin is something just about every woman wishes she had. For people who are not blessed with good genes and naturally impeccable skin, expensive (and time consuming) skin care treatments are what prevent them from achieving the age-defying skin that celebrities seem to have.

Nowadays especially, people either cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars to go to the spa or do not have the extra time necessary for skin treatments. Masqueology claims that its paper face masks achieve the kinds of results that would come from a professional facial at a fraction of the cost. The new line of masks is set to be released at Sephora in packs of 3 for $24 around March.

This concept of paper face masks is relatively new in the U.S., but women in Korea have already incorporated these affordable, time-saving paper masks into their daily skin care routines. According to Philip Ha, the chief financial officer of Beauty Architects, the company bringing the masks to the U.S., “If you look at trends in Asia, everybody is so busy, and it is all about being quick.”

Aside from affordability and time-saving, the masks are also less messy than other skin treatments that often involve goopy creams or sticky lotions. Masqueology will also release some other products to complement the paper masks including a cleanser, cell-activating serum, a day and night cream and an advanced wrinkle fighter.