Korean Students Passed Up by UCs

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Korean students in California say they are being shunned by the state’s public universities in favor of international students, many from China, reports the Korea Times in Los Angeles.

According to the report, a growing number of in-state students are being passed over as schools struggle to plug in gaping holes created by a rapidly shrinking budget by admitting more international students, who pay significantly higher tuition fees.

UC schools took a $750 million cut in state funding last fiscal year, and could see a further reduction of $200 million if voters reject a tax hike proposal put forward by Governor Jerry Brown.

The Korea Times article noted the example UC San Diego, where the number of students from China increased 12-fold since 2009. That compares to a drop of nearly 500 in-state Asian American students admitted to the university for the same period.

One recent high school graduate who is Korean American told the Korea Times that despite a higher than average GPA and SAT scores, he was rejected by all five UC schools that he applied to.

According to the American Institute of International Education, one in five undergraduate students in the U.S. is Chinese, the report showed.