Launches 'No Somos Rubios' Campaign

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MIAMI, Fla. – Outside the Hispanic Leadership Network’s 2012 Conference, Latino advocacy organization Presente Action launched the campaign “NO SOMOS RUBIOS,” (We are not Marco Rubios!) with a protest staged by Florida DREAM Act students and others beneath a circling airplane with trailing banner that flew overhead for an hour. The campaign will also release its NO SOMOS RUBIOS video, a television ad revealing what Presente Action considers to be Senator Rubio's "anti-Latino" record. Presente Action is also asking its more than 250,000 members to donate money that will allow them to place the ad on Florida television in the next few days before the Jan. 31 primary.

GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich recently made a public statements supporting a possible Rubio vice presidential candidacy.

Felipe Matos, campaigner for Presente Action, called Marco Rubio "the anti-Immigrant son of immigrants, who supports Arizona’s racist SB-1070 law, rejects the DREAM Act and thinks that Latinos won’t notice that he’s closer to the Tea Party extremists than he is to Latinos on immigration and other key issues.”

Cynthia Arevalo, an immigration attorney and Florida representative of Somos Republicans, a Latino GOP organization that recently announced its support for Gingrich, said, “As a child of immigrants and as an attorney who has to listen daily to the tragic stories created by anti-immigrant policies supported by Marco Rubio, I think it's utterly ridiculous to think that he will 'deliver' Latino votes. Latinos are not stupid.”

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Posted Jan 28 2012

Quiero comentar en espanol porque soy latino .Que pasa se les olvido el espanol?o a caso no lo conosen , como es posible que tratando de logra una meta quieran umillar y denigrar a marco rubio por segun ustedes no apoya su causa , si bien es cierto ud merecen una oportunidad pero deverian tener un poco mas de respeto con las personas ,ya que los culpables que ustedes no tengan papeles en este pais SON SUS PADRES QUE LOS TRAJERON DE FORMA ILEGAL . NO SE PUEDE PEDIR LIMOSNA CON ESCOPETA . SI UTILIZAN LAS INMIENDAS DE LA CONSTITUCION PARA PODER ESPRESARSE, GRACIAS AL DERECHO DE LIBRE ESPRESION VALGA LA REDUNDANCIA. DEVERIAN TENER EN CUENTA QUE ESTE ES UN PAIS DE LEYES Y ESAS SE RESPETAN .NO EN UNA SOLA DIRRECION OK NO SE DEJEN MANIPULAR QUE LAS CADENAS DE NOTICIAS LO QUE LE INTERESA ES LA AUDIENCIA .HONRAR HONRA .....SUERTE LES DESEO


Posted Feb 4 2012

Attencion de los patriota Mexicanos: Mexico nos llama retorno a la patria. Nuestro pais nos necesita para sacarlo de ques es dillema actual.

Al permanecer en los Estados Unidos estamos ensenando a nuestros hijos que Mexico no es un pais entre iguales. Unirse a nostros en el retorno a la patria de nuestro movimiento. Viva Mexico!

Miguel Enrique Mena

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