Fil-Ams Worry Over Neighborhood in SF Redistricting

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SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the overwhelming support from the Filipino community, advocacy groups are uneasy about the final outcome of the ongoing redistricting of San Francisco’s District 11.

Redistricting of District 11 is more contentious because “it is where the Filipinos are more scattered,” says Bernadette Sy, executive director of the Filipino American Development Foundation and Bayanihan Community Center.

“In District 11, the Filipino population is over 10,000. That is a huge voting bloc, which we don’t want to lose. It is important to try to keep the Filipino community in that district, because that’s where you have the largest Filipino population in the city,” Sy rued.

Sy says they have mapped out the Filipino population centers, highlighting the district with the biggest concentration of Filipinos, and turned it in to the Task Force on Redistricting.

“We stand to lose some in District 11 because we are dispersed.” She conceded there are still a lot in the little areas, like the small area in Ocean View/Merced Heights/Ingleside (OMI), where there are 2,000 Filipinos that may be moved.