For Arizona's Latino Elders, Becoming U.S. Citizen Easier Than Expected

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Univision Arizona’s Karla Gomez-Escamilla produced a two-part video series in Spanish showing that thousands of documented Latino residents spend many years in the U.S. before taking the opportunity to become a citizen, often waiting until they are elders. Some do so due to their lack of English, and others for economic reasons.

However, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services recently established certain exceptions and rules to give better opportunities to older residents to officially adopt U.S. Citizenship.

The citizenship interview and examination process can make any person feel nervous and scared. But in reality it is a simple, quick and easy event -- even more so if you are older than 50 years old.

Click here to see, in Spanish, Part 1 -- “Nunca es tarde para convertirse ciudadano” and Part 2 - “Hacerse ciudadano: proceso rápido y sencillo”.

Karla Gomez-Escamilla produced this report as part of the MetLife Foundation Journalists in Aging Fellowship, a program of New America Media and the Gerontological Society of America.