Adopted--From Korea to Minnesota and Back

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 MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—In her new book, Kelly Fern not only tells her moving personal story of being adopted from Korea by a Twin Cities family at age five, she reveals that on the flight to America, her identity was accidentally switched with that of another young adoptee—a circumstance that ultimately resulted in her family adopting three Korean girls, not just the two sisters they'd expected. Further, Fern herself had a child who she gave up for adoption.

In the space of less than a year, Fern recently reconnected with both her biological family in Korea and her biological daughter in Minnesota. Fern's memoir Songs of My Families (Lantern Books) is now seeing its first publication in English, but it's already well-known in Korea, where her family reunion became the subject of a popular TV documentary. The Twin Cities Daily Planet interviewed Fern—who now works as a Homeland Security officer--about her remarkable story.