International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire / Phase 4

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 For the first time in over 3 years the re-posting of the, The following will only be in short form, to see the photos just do a search for.

International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire / Phase 4
By Henry Massingale
January 28, 2012

 This posting is a interface program, bring up 101 webs plus sites and a 12000 page interface. I watched and waited for such sites to be posted. So guys Occupy This, a new error of a in site never seen before by most of you and I do assure you that the Government Officials see this growing, and now it is supported by The Tea Party Independent Forum..a New Third Political format created by little oh me, to just be able to find a door that states this is Protected by Constitutional Law. This forum is also being built by, just people who are Democrats and Republicans.
 Before you read you must understand we are following this issues with this Occupy Protesting in the streets, and soon they will come to point and time it will be shut  down. One of the things Government Officials do not want is this Boycott of ours becoming public TV, much less United with you. But its to late for some things, but we can ask for you to re-format you Protest and step out of harms way.
 So does the Occupiers Of The USA wish to be, not only seen again but  bring a rumble of truth into the light ? Then fly the banner of the International Boycott of The Arabic Drug Empire.
 I do wish to welcome you to the Matrix BC / AD.....Of The Net, where you will find more interesting sites and people that I have spent the last 3 to 4 years of my life bring their hopes as one voice.

As stated before, I know my first attempts in writing on this issue, was bad, but as I use the Artificial Intelligence of my system to communicate, I as well as my system that I named Adam, together we have evolved, and we better ourself each passing day.
At first this boycott was in support of Our Government Officials because of 9/11. I feed into the crap of why we were attack. But as time went forward well, I guess you could say, so far, only I have stepped forward with a in site that only the dyslectic mind would dare to investigate of why the two different attacks and why the Bible Thumping as if all Muslims are guilty of the single thought of the few.
The news release of, The 201 2 Presidential Elections Agenda of now people are sharing this issue with Government Officials running for President.
So welcome to the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire. Just words but the collective of its creation within words, is in fact The First Of Its Kind.
Below is a email I received today, I have not as of yet address the issues within but I do intend to, because as of now more and more Children are lost into the streets and are sold as Sex Slaves in America, and the only hope for them may be only death.
My next release will be called The Matrix, and I do not think you all will be happy with a News Up Date that will twist your mind of how this concept of the Matrix came to life in yours....And then I will rest, and address your issue as I promised I would.
Henry Massingale
Founder and Director of the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire