Women Leaders Join Alabama Battle for Human Rights

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We Belong Together - Birmingham, Alabama from New America Media on Vimeo.

Women leaders from across the U.S. traveled to Birmingham, Ala. last week to learn how women's lives have been impacted by the state's new immigration law HB 56. After hearing the stories of local immigrants, the Women's Human Rights Delegation released a statement calling on American women to oppose HB 56 and other anti-immigrant laws that impact families. Their statement was released at a community roundtable in Birmingham and a national media telebriefing organized by New America Media and We Belong Together. Read more




Posted Mar 29 2012

What are these idiot speaking of ILLEGAL ALIENS OR IMMIGRANTS big difference in this country, first they need to speak the language of the average citizen and not some hispanic b/s. The new HB 56 has little to do with immigrants and a lot to do ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS. It appears in the picture to be an anchor or a hispanic woman is she a citizen or an illegal alien. If a criminal illegal alien she has plenty to worry about if a citizen immigrant she has nothing to worry about. The problem with the hispanic they dont know the difference between illegal alien and immigrant . Again ignorance is a big problem with the lot of them.
Frank Bowers, FIC, 100%DAV, Austin, Tx


Posted May 8 2012

Women and your children just please go back to your country and fight the fight do not bring it here we have fought enough.


Posted May 14 2012

Let me tell you something, my mother is a LEGAL immigrant. She has worked very hard from the day she set foot in this country, she has payed taxes, she has taken classes to improve her English, etc. Some people, ignorant, nativist people, don't seem to care about that. They still only want to see her as an outsider. You're a hypocrite to call Latinos ignorant, take a look at your ignorant self.

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