A 'Sex Strike' for Women's Rights in Texas?

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A women's group in Austin, Texas is jokingly proposing a "sex strike" April 28 - May 5 to draw attention to the state's crackdown on reproductive rights. The motto of the campaign, called "Access Denied," is, “If our reproductive choices are denied, so are yours.” The campaign is not a literal strike, Annette Maxberry-Carrara, founder of Liberal Ladies Who Lunch, told Salon.com, but a satirical political statement to draw attention to the increasingly restrictionist laws in the state.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has withheld $35 million for women’s clinics to avoid giving money to Planned Parenthood.

“But this isn’t just about birth control,” Maxberry-Carrara told NBC Latino. “This means no pap smears, no STD screening, no pre-natal care or post-natal care. We’re not asking for birth control, we’re asking for doctors visits.”