CA State Immigration Bill Vies for Spot on November Ballot

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A bipartisan effort to get an immigration bill on California's November ballot is being met with criticism from the right and the left. The California Opportunity and Prosperity Act, or COPA, would allow undocumented immigrants who have been in the state since 2007, have no criminal record, speak English and are employed and pay taxes to join a state immigration registry. California officials would then submit that list to federal authorities, asking them to make those immigrants a low priority for deportation. 

Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, and Mike Madrid, a former political director of the state Republican Party, are hoping to place the act on the November ballot.

An editorial in the L.A. Times Monday, argues that immigration should be left to the feds. The bill is very different from Arizona's immigration law SB 1070, but critics charge that both are attempts by states to regulate immigration, which is a federal matter.