Filipino American Named to Guam Cabinet

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A Filipino American, Alfredo Antolin, Jr., is among the new Cabinet members who took their oaths before Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo on March 28.

Antolin now heads the Guam government's Agency for Human Resources Development, according to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

A DFA announcement made Tuesday stated, "During the ceremony, Gov. Calvo emphasized that his administration does not look into one's ethnicity or political affiliation, and they instead focus on the qualifications of the people they appoint to head key agencies of the government. He also emphasized that what is important is the appointee's willingness to serve the people of Guam."

Antolin was nominated for the directorship on March 3, and was confirmed by the Guam Legislature on March 19. Calvo is a Republican, while Antolin is known to be a Democrat.