Pressing Vietnam on Human Rights

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There is a petition out there right now, urging the White House to press Vietnam harder on human rights. This is a direct response to the “Free Viet Khang” movement, aiming to spread awareness of how brutal the Vietnamese Communist regime is. Viet Khang is a talented and courageous musician. It’s been a few months since the Vietnamese police arrested Viet Khang, a musician who was brave enough to raise the crimes of the Communist Party to the public. Because of his music, Viet Khang is now in jail, but because of Viet Khang, the Communists are both scared and worried.

Two of Viet Khang’s songs have caused quite a stir in the country. One song is titled “Viet Nam Toi Dau?”, which translates to “Where Is My Vietnam?” The other song is called “Anh La Ai?”, when translated to English, means “Who Are You?” Both of these songs raise some very core issues in Vietnam today, issues that the Vietnamese government has been trying to cover up for the longest time.

The song “Viet Nam Toi Dau (Where Is My Vietnam)?” raises the issues of the Chinese invasion and the islands of Paracel and Spratley. Viet Khang sings about all of the embarrassing concessions that the Vietnamese government has made to China, and asks when it all went so wrong.

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