Putin to Gain Korean Son-in-Law?

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Rumors are swirling in South Korea around the possible marriage of a retired admiral’s son to the daughter of Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin. According to the Korea Times, Yoon Joon-won, 27, and Yekaterina Vladmirovna Putina, 25, were likely to wed shortly after Putin’s inauguration on May 7.

Yoon’s father, Yoon Jong-gu, denied the rumors on Friday, telling local reporters that he had not raised his son to wed without his parent’s knowledge. The edler Yoon had once served as military attaché to Moscow.

He added that he plans to file a complaint with South Korea’s Press Arbitration Commission against the outlet that first began to circulate the rumors.

A Russian paper, however, is reporting that Yoon’s son has in fact arrived in Russia and is under the protection of Russian bodyguards. It is thought the trip was undertaken to prepare for the wedding, the report notes.

Similar rumors emerged in 2010, but were quickly dismissed by Putin, at the time Russia’s Prime Minister.

The president’s daughter and Yoon are said to have first met at an international school ball in Moscow in 1999. Yoon was in Russia for eight years before moving to the U.S. where he graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an international politics major. After graduation he worked for Samsung Electronics in Moscow.

Yekaterina Putina was born in 1986 in Dresden, Germany, and attended St. Petersburg State University from where she holds a degree in Japanese history.