Popular Latino Blogger Pulled From TucsonCitizen.com

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The online Tucson news site TucsonCitizen.com recently canceled its popular Latino blog The Three Sonorans. Three Sonorans blogger David “Abie” Morales criticized state Rep. Daniel Patterson, who is the subject of a House ethics investigation into allegations that he assaulted an ex-girlfriend. Patterson has reportedly threatened to sue if some statements weren't removed from Three Sonorans.

The blog, which took aim at politicians on the right and the left, reportedly broke the Gabrielle Giffords shooting last year. In the past, Morales made factual mistakes that didn't win him friends among journalists, who complained the blog was posting erroneous information, the Tucson Weekly reports. However, the Three Sonorans brought up many issues in the context of racism -- not an easy subject  in Tucson and Arizona's Latino community.

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