Why Are There No Black US Senators?

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Yes, an African American is serving as commander in chief. But looking for a black U.S. senator? Good luck with that.

As CNN reports, the lack of diversity in the Senate is growing more alarming by the day. Out of 100 senators, two are Latino and two are of Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry, but none are African American. Earlier this week C. Anthony Muse, an African American whom many pundits believed had the best opportunity for a Senate candidacy, lost his primary race in Maryland. According to CNN, there's only one other black person on a Senate ballot across the U.S. -- a Florida candidate who is not expected to come out of the pack.

"There does seem to be a ceiling," University of Mississippi political science professor Marvin King told CNN. "People are used to electing minority office holders. There are plenty of blacks in every state legislature, but going beyond that to winning statewide races seems to be a ceiling."

Of the 1,931 men and women who have served in the Senate, only six African Americans have held the distinction, according to the chamber historian's office.