Young Fencer Alexander Massialas Carries on His Father’s Dream

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San Francisco-based Alexander Massialas has made his first Olympic team. Massialas, 18, is the youngest member of the US men’s fencing team. Massialas's father, also his coach, Greg Massialas, is a three-time Olympian. His mother Zhuan- Kuai Chen is originally from Taiwan. In the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, Massialas will be following his father’s footsteps and hopes to win a medal for his father, KTSF reports.

KTSF reports that Massiaslas was in love with fencing in the club since he was very young. “My first memory of fencing was when I was seven years old. My father started running a fencing club when I was about 5. I always bugged him about joining, however, he has a strict rule where he keeps everyone who starts at the age of 7. Even though I was crying, he really followed his instincts. ”

Massiaslas told KTSF that he has worked very hard and topped other fencers after visiting Beijing Olympics with his father. "My father has joined the Olympic game three times. I want to be like him and win a medal for him. " Massiaslas also said “My father is a pretty strict coach. He has influenced me the most on fencing. I admire my father the most. Not only is he the best coach, but he is an even better father”. Massiaslas's mother Zhuan- Kuai Chen told KTSF that "I'm hoping my son doesn't put too much pressure on himself. I like to see him enjoying himself and the game."

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