S. Koreans Parody Apple Ruling

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South Koreans are greeting news of Apple’s win over Samsung in a historic patent case by reposting images of a popular food item that comes in tin packaging reminiscent of the popular iPhone and other Apple products, reports the Korea Daily in Los Angeles.

Bloggers point out cans of pickled sesame leaves, a popular side dish in South Korea, come with rounded corners, a design feature at the center of the legal dispute between the world’s two largest tech companies.

In it’s decision Friday, the court sided with Apple, which argued the South Korean manufacturer "slavishly copied" its products, including the iPhone and iPad, violating design patents. Samsung was slapped with a $1.5 billion fine. On Monday Apple submitted a list of Samsung products it wants pulled from shelves in U.S. markets.

“Too bad,” posted one South Korean blogger, “[the iPhone] is just a copycat of canned food.” Another wrote: “I wonder why, whenever I see the iPhone, I feel like eating sesame leaves.”





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