K-Pop Sensation Psy Performs at MTV Awards

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Korean rapper-singer Psy performed the horse-riding dance from his hit single "Gangnam Style" during the MTV music awards Thursday.

Psy, whose real Korean name is Park Jae-sang, did the famous dance with comedian Kevin Hart on stage at the ceremony held in Los Angeles. His video for "Gangnam Style" broke the 100 million mark in YouTube views on Tuesday and has spawned various online parodies.

"I wanted to describe my feeling in Korean once on this stage," Psy told Hart, the host of the ceremony. He then performed the horse dance one more time before making his exit to great applause.

Psy signed a contract on international publishing rights with Universal Republic Records, a label owned by Universal Music Group, and a separate management contract with a label run by Scooter Braun Project, a company founded by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun.

Psy is on his second trip to the U.S. in a month to promote his new album and discuss details of the deal with Braun.