Opinion: As an LGBT Latina, the DNC’s Diversity Tells Me I’m Home

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Rep. Mary Gonzalez, the first gay Latina to be elected to the Texas state House, descibes what it was like to spend this week at the Democratic National Convention. Gonzalez, who recently came out as pansexual, wrote, "The feelings of inclusion and respect that I have felt as a member of the Democratic Party, were now realities on the stage and the speakers were more than just 'token' speakers they were symbolic representations of the coalition that makes up the Democratic Party. It was inspiring to hear my role models Mayor Julian Castro and Representative Joaquin Castro, not only address issues of immigration but also talk about marriage equality and be allies to multiple communities that are not their own. On top of that, 8 percent of the delegates at the DNC were LGBTQ, the first time a major party has ever welcomed the community in such a way."

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