Rising Seas: Creative Solutions to Stem the High Waters

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Editor’s Note: Rising sea levels due to climate change is expected to bring high waves to coastal communities and in some cases cause flooding. Scientists now recognize that it is no longer possible to halt all the impacts of global warming, and that adaptation to those changes is now necessary. RISE is a multimedia project that documents how climate change is affecting human lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through webstories, the series profiles men and women living along the water, and what they are doing to respond to the changes.
RISE was created by a team of audio and visual artists, including Claire Schoen, producer/director and Jan Stürman, visual designer. Funding was provided by The Lia Fund and Nu Lambda Trust and others. Click here to see all the stories in the RISE project.
In the second of three featured webstories, the RISE project explains how local governments and people are planning to adapt to the inevitable changes.