Can Marco Rubio Save the GOP? Latino Leaders Doubt It

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"If there's a winner tonight, it's the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio," said conservative columnist George Will in a television interview on Election Day after President Obama was declared the winner, "because all eyes are now going to be turned to him as a man who might have a way to broaden the demographic appeal of this party."

But Latino leaders are saying: "Not so fast."

The answer, they say, is not to trot out more Latinos to try to build good will, but to embrace and push for policies that address issues of concern to the voting bloc that is believed to have been pivotal to the president's re-election.

Rubio, like some other Latino Republicans who have had high profiles in the last year, is a Tea Party conservative, and that - not his ethnicity - is what shapes Latinos' view of him, political experts say.

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