Detention Watch Network: Close Down the 10 Worst Detention Centers

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The Detention Watch Network is calling for the closure of 10 of the worst immigration detention facilities nationwide.

Since the Department of Homeland Security issued its report identifying the failures of immigration detention in 2009, DHS and ICE have implemented some steps toward reform. These included opening a new, more "humane" detention center in Texas, implementing new detention standards, and facilitating better monitoring of its facilities. However, ICE continues to detain more than 33,000 immigrants per day, often in remote private prisons and county jails that do not meet the agency's own detention standards.

The 10 facilities included in the "Expose & Close" campaign are all notorious for their inadequate medical and mental health care, insufficient food, lack of any meaningful recreation (including, in some facilities, no access to the outdoors), lack of meaningful visitation, isolation from cities and access to legal service providers and generally poor conditions. These facilities include Etowah County Detention Center (AL), Pinal County Jail (AZ), Houston Processing Center (TX), Polk County Detention Facility (TX), Stewart Detention Center (GA), Irwin County Jail (GA), Hudson County Jail (NJ), Theo Lacy Detention Center (CA), Tri-County Detention Center (IL), and Baker County Jail (FL).