Gun Owners Stock Up On Arms Over Fear of Obama's Re-Election

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 The results of the U.S. presidential election determines who Americans have decided to let run the country for the next four years. For firearm enthusiasts, it could mean the future of their livelihood.

That’s how it’s being viewed, at least, as Republicans ramped-up warnings that four more years of an Obama White House is comparable to the end of the Second Amendment. Fears of renewed, stricter legislation against guns under a second Obama administration had firearm sales soaring, and a victory for the incumbent on Nov. 6 could have those figures shooting through the roof.

“Obama was the best gun salesmen we’ve had,” Irvin Walker, the owner of Triggers Gun Shop in Mills, Wyoming, told the Star-Tribune. Mr. Walker said sales have only been on the rise since the U.S. President Barack Obama first threw his hat in the race for the White House back in 2007, and with another term being decided in only a few days, the proprietor said, “That could very well happen again.”

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