Ruben Navarrette's Controversial Message to Latino Voters

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Conservative columnist Ruben Navarrette's controversial op-ed, "Skip the line, Latino voters," which argues that Latino voters should not vote for president on Election Day, has generated criticism from the nation's Latino leaders and political observers. Navarrette argued that voters should not vote for either presidential candidate because on the issue of immigration, "the choice is between a challenger who wants illegal immigrants to 'self-deport' and an incumbent who became an expert at forcibly removing them."

His message met with criticism from other commentators. Raul A. Reyes blasted Navarrette in a column on Huffington Post Latino, arguing that Navarrette's column "betrays voters, Latinos, and himself." Reyes argues that Navarrette's column "only illustrates the fear that conservatives have of an awakened Hispanic electorate -- as well as his own slide into irrelevance."

Meanwhile, a record number of Latino voters is expected to go to the polls today. Latino media across the country, from La Opinión in Los Angeles to Al Día in Philadelphia have published editorials urging their readers to vote.




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