Tobacco Farming Under Fire

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Tobacco farmers around the world will turn their attention to Seoul this week when officials representing more than 170 governments meet to decide their future.

The occasion is the World Health Organization’s biennial gathering to amend its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This will be the fifth such session since the FCTC went into force in 2005.

Technically known as the fifth Conference of the Parties (CoP5), the week-long meeting at COEX in Gangnam will focus on controversial proposals that attempt to artificially reduce, and eventually phase out the crop through absurd regulations that will have no impact on smoking rates in the world. Although their livelihoods are at stake, not one of the 30 million people who are dependent on tobacco farming worldwide has been invited to attend COP5. Among those being affected will be 25,000 Koreans who are dependent with tobacco farming.

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