US Gov’t Moves Forward to Implement Healthcare Law

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 LONG BEACH – Governor Jerry Brown flexed his political muscle persuading both the California State University Board of Trustees and the University of California Board of Regents to postpone their vote that would have raised fees targeting certain students this year.

After UC and CSU officials announced they would not increase tuition if Proposition 30 (the state ballot measure that raises taxes temporarily to fund public education) passes, both boards proposed a different kind of fee hike on students.

In the CSU system, the board of trustees had a proposal seeking to raise fees on students who repeat classes, enroll in more than 18 units, and “super seniors”, students who have enough credit to graduate but continue to attend school.

The UC board had proposed to raise fees up to 35 percent for several professional degrees including business and nursing.

Brown told reporters he requested the board to postpone the vote. Read more here.