Black Unemployment Rate Improves in November

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The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for black men 20 years old and older dramatically dropped in November as the nation's nonfarm private businesses added a better-than-expected 146,000 new jobs, causing the overall jobless rate to fall to 7.7 percent.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning that that unemployment rate for black men was 13 percent in November compared with 16.4 for the same month last year.

November's seasonally adjusted jobless rate for black women 20 years old and older was 11.4 percent compared with 13 percent in November 2011, the bureau of labor statistics reported.

The overall black unemployment rate was 13.2 percent in November compared with 15.5 percent in November 2011.

Although the black-jobless rate improved, unemployment among African-Americans still remains twice as high when compared with other major working groups, which includes whites, Hispanics and Asians. The overall unemployment rate for whites in November was 6.8 percent compared with 7.6 percent in November 2011.

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