Chinese-Am Parents Want More School Security

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In the wake of the Newton, Conn.-school shooting that killed 20 children, Chinese American parents are calling for stepped up security at schools. According to Chinese-language newspaper China Review News, many Chinese-American parents from New York and Los Angeles are urging schools to increase the number of armed security guards on schools premises.

Chinese parents from New York were concerned that the majority of New York’s schools lack security personnel.

“There is usually only one security guy in the main entrance of each school in New York. Any strangers could get in school without any specific security check,” Mrs. Liu said. “ I expect to see schools set up a security gate in the main entrance. Although it would be inconvenient, it could better protect our kids.”

“Schools have to put effort into increasing school securities,” said Wen Sheng Zhao, former president of Lin Sing Association, a New York-based Chinese American mutual aid organization. “In the meantime, Lin Sing Association also urges the government to make a new gun control law.”

Sing Tao Daily reports that a number of Chinese parents in Southern California are worried that school shootings will spread to Western states. The paper reports that some parents are taking drastic measure, such as allowing their children stay at home for the rest of December to avoid school violence.

“The tragedy is undoubtedly the worst nightmare for majority of parents and it is also a lifetime impact on children who survived but saw the scene,” said Ms. Cui, a mother of two girl, reported the Sing Tao newspaper.

Mrs. Lee, the mother of a kindergartener, said she would rather see schools boost support for mental health services. “I am certainly worrying about my kid’s safety in school, however, I would rather to put more effort on psychological education for my kid.”




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