Greater Hartford Residents Mourn Victims in Massive Shootings

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  The massive shooting that occurred about 45 minutes from the capital city of Connecticut hit close to home for Angela Harris.

Harris, of Windsor, was among the crowd that gathered with others in Bushnell Park during a candel-light vigil for 20 children and seven adults who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School after a gunman opened fire in what turned out to be the “second worst” mass shooting in U.S. history.

“This tragedy really hits close to home,” Harris said. “I have a two daughters the same ages of those children. It’s so sad.”

Indeed, many who gathered near the Carousel in Bushnell Park offered those same sentiments as they lit candles, sing songs and offer prayers.

The vigil, organized by Mayor Pedro Segarra and his staff, was one way to creating a space for those who sought solace and comfort of this vicious act, they said.

On day after the death, more residents are expressing anger.

“This is so sad,” said Marie Quinonez. “That monster killed those children. They were so young.”



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