Native leaders leave White House conference inspired, rejuvenated, recommitted

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 A large painting titled "Navajos Breaking Camp" hangs on the wall of Secretary Ken Salazar's office at the Department of the Interior.

Salazar invited all attendees of yesterday's White House Tribal Nations Conference to accompany him to his sixth-floor office to view the painting as a token of his dedication to Indian Country – and a symbol of how American Indians and Alaska Natives have taken a front seat in the Obama administration.

Most attendees, including Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim, took advantage of the offer, along with three Navajo Code Talkers who helped post the colors at the conference.

"I'm feeling great, I'm feeling inspired," Jim said after the conference ended. "This is sort of like an inspiration, a recommitment, a renewal. I firmly believe that we can accomplish a lot in the next four years working with this administration."

The daylong conference, to which representatives of all 566 federally recognized tribes were invited, inspired and rejuvenated tribal leaders, Jim said. Read more here.



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