Pacquiao to Go for Broke vs. Marquez

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LOS ANGELES – World boxing champ Manny Pacquiao believes the only way to decisively defeat arch-nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth fight is by being more aggressive and attacking the Mexican from different angles.

“I’m going to create a lot of action in the ring,” Pacquiao said during media day at the Wildcard Boxing Club on Wednesday. “I’m focused on [being] more aggressive and creating action… If I wait for
him to throw a punch, the fight is going to be boring. There won’t be any action.”

Though it’ll be crowd-pleasing, it’s a daring strategy, especially given the fact that Marquez’s strength is counter punching. Marquez wants Pacquiao to be assertive so he could implement his game plan.
But the plan could easily backfire on him.

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