U.S. Court Hears Final Samsung Arguments

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Samsung Electronics may see a trimming of the $1.05 billion in damages ordered by a U.S. jury in August for infringing Apple patents.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh started hearings to come to a final judgement in the case at a court in San Jose, California.

Koh will issue a series of rulings over the next several weeks on a number of legal issues raised at the hearings.

Samsung is seeking a new trial or a reduction of the jury’s verdict in August that resulted from a lawsuit by its American rival filed in April 2011. Apple, on the other hand, urged the judge to add millions more to the damages and permanently ban U.S. sales of eight Samsung smartphone models.

Since the August verdict in San Jose, Apple has lost infringement rulings against Samsung in the U.K., Germany and Japan.

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