Bill on North Korean children headed to Obama

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WASHINGTON - A bill on protecting “stateless children” from North Korea was sent to U.S. President Barack Obama’s desk Tuesday for his signature after both chambers of Congress passed it.

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the bill, entitled “An act to develop a strategy for assisting stateless children from North Korea, and for other purposes.”

The bill, also dubbed “North Korean Child Welfare Act of 2012,” notes that hundreds of thousands of North Korean children suffer from malnutrition in the communist nation.

It also says many North Korean children become orphaned or stateless in neighboring nations, mainly China.

A steady number of North Koreans flee their hunger-stricken nation with their children. Concerns grow that those children are being left without proper care.

The bill, approved by the Senate last week, instructs the secretary of state to prioritize the growing problem of North Korean children who live in precarious conditions in countries outside of North Korea. 

Read the rest here: Korea JoongAng Daily




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