Dominicans Abroad to Lose Services on Jan. 31

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SANTO DOMINGO—Dominicans living in the United States and abroad will no longer be receiving services provided by the Central Electoral Board (additionally known as CJE, and separate from Dominican embassies) offices, reports El Día. According to the news report, as of January 31, major budget cuts to the CJE will put an end to services available to Dominican nationals abroad, such as processing their cedulas (national identity cards) and birth certificates.

Roberto Rosario, CJE Board president, said these services represents an expenditure of $2.4 million a year. "I have a budget where I have to spend on monthly fixed costs, understood as payroll overhead, electricity and insurance. We spent $2 million last year on electricity, and $1.7 million for fuel for the offices," said Rosario.

According to the news report, JCE will close its branches in different countries in compliance with the decision made last month.




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