Jessica Lum, Reporter, Editor and Photographer, Dies

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 Jessica Lum, a former reporter and editor at Mission Local, died Sunday morning.

She was 25 years old.

We all knew her as Jess, a technophile who was fanatical about football, family and photography. What many didn’t know is that in December 2008, two years before she started at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and while still a senior at UCLA, Jess was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

Starting on Christmas Day, 2008, Jess wrote about her illness on Facebook.

“To be perfectly honest, I hate the situation I’m in – I’m dying. No matter what I do, the truth is, I’m dying. This cancer will most likely kill me, a few years down the road, maybe sooner.” (Quoted from the Modesto Bee.)

By the time she arrived at Berkeley in the fall of 2010, Jess was symptom-free and had managed to get rid of most of these online posts, so that few here knew she had been seriously ill. No one would have guessed. Read more here.



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