Journalist in China Beaten During Investigation

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A journalist was beaten on Wednesday during an undercover investigation into untreated water discharges by a paper mill.

The case raised nationwide concern over the protection of reporters' rights.

Zhao Xi, a reporter at China Central Television's bureau in Hunan province, was hit on the forehead by a man using a flashlight at about midnight on Wednesday.

At the time, Zhao and his co-workers had just found the water release outlet of Baiyang Paper Mill in Yueyang, Hunan province.

They were about to fetch equipment to take water samples when two men stopped them. Soon, a dozen more people came, saying they were workers at the mill. Zhao's glasses fell to the ground and his forehead started bleeding as he tried to protect the video camera.

Zhao said the man who hit him was in his 50s.

"He was very unfriendly from the very beginning. But I never expected an elderly man would hit me so hard," Zhao said.

Authorities in Pingjiang county have apologized to Zhao and detained two men: the man in his 50s and a younger man who threatened to throw Zhao's group and their car into the Miluo River. The river's pollution level and water quality were the subject of Zhao's investigation.

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