North Korea Striker Heads to S. Korean League

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Jong Tae-se, a striker for the North Korean football team for the past six years, has agreed to play for the Suwon Bluewings in the South Korean domestic K-League, according to club officials yesterday. He will transfer from 1. FC Koln in the second division of the Bundesliga in Germany.

It is the first time a North Korean player of this caliber will play in the South, although several other footballers with North Korean citizenship have competed in the K-League.

The transfer fee is 300,000 euros ($394,410), according to Lee Ho-seung, general manager of the Bluewings. The two sides plan to sign the agreement this weekend.

Lee said the 28-year-old forward agreed to a three-year contract, although he declined to disclose the yearly amount. Some media outlets have reported it to be 400 million won ($376,932) per year.

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