Obama to Outline Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

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President Barack Obama plans to outline a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will provide a path to citizenship for most undocumented immigrants, the New York Times reports.

Unlike Sen. Marco Rubio, who plans to split immigration reform legislation into separate bills, Obama plans to support a single comprehensive law.

Obama's plan would include fines, payment of taxes and other requirements for undocumented immigrants seeking to obtain legal status; a nationwide requirement to verify the legal status of new hires through programs like E-Verify; an increase in the number of visas for high-skilled immigrants, and a guest worker program.

The president is expected to announce the outlines of his plan in the coming weeks, perhaps in his annual "State of the Union" to Congress on February 12.

A bipartisan group of senators met to draft a comprehensive bill that could be presented in March and be voted in the Senate by August.

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