Samsung Electronics Sets Revenue Record

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Samsung Electronics announced record revenues and operating profit last year.

While many local businesses are struggling with the slowdown in the international economy, Samsung Electronics became the first Korean company to post more than 200 trillion won ($188 billion) in annual sales.

According to a regulatory filing of preliminary estimates made yesterday, the company’s annual revenues for 2012 were 201.05 trillion won, while its operating profits were 29 trillion won last year.

The sales represented a rise of 21.8 percent from 2011’s 165 trillion won, which was also a record at the time.

Operating profits were up 78.4 percent from 2011’s 16.25 trillion won.

Even in the fourth quarter, when the local economy’s growth was slowing down, and the appreciation of the won was a major problem for other exporters, Samsung Electronics’ overall sales continued to break new records thanks to brisk sales of Galaxy S3 and Note 2 mobile devices in the global market.

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