Affordable Health Care Act can help push for Medicare portability

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 LOS ANGELES – More and more elderly Fil-Ams, who are qualified for retirement benefits, are now looking to spend their “golden years” of retirement abroad -- especially in their home country, the Philippines.

With global banking systems allowing retirees to receive and access their social security and retirement checks from anywhere in the world, it is inevitable that the elderly also begin to look for a way to receive quality health care at very affordable costs, even when outside the United States.

This is where the proposition for Medicare portability steps in. Under this proposed law, Medicare coverage could be extended to qualified individuals residing outside US. They could, in theory, seek medical attention in hospitals abroad and the costs would be covered by US Medicare.

However, according to proponents of the measure, it has yet to gain traction among lawmakers in Capitol Hill.

Advocates for Medicare portability

Loida Nicolas Lewis, an advocate of this proposition, said that their group has yet to find a legislator that would sponsor Medicare portability in Congress. She said that they’re working on it.

“I have the two senators of New York whom I can approach,” Lewis told Manila Mail DC. “I also have [Congressmen] Carolyn Manloney, and of course Charlie Rangel and Hakim Jeffries.

Meanwhile, another advocate pointed out that with the Affordable Healthcare Act in implementation, demonstrating the huge amount of savings that can be achieved through Medicare portability could help the cause earn more support in a Congress that has geared itself towards cost-effective government spending.

Portability advocate Eric Lachica said in a Manila Mail DC report that the “whole thrust of Obamacare is to reduce cost and maintain quality care.” Read more here.