Hundreds Honor, Welcome Home Kayenta Soldier

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 The body of Camp Pendleton Marine Staff Sgt. Jonathan D. Davis arrived here this morning after an 82-mile procession from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.

Davis was killed in action Feb. 22 in Afghanistan where he was a motor transport operations chief, serving as a liaison to the Georgian military as part of the Marine Corps' Regimental Combat Team 7.

Emergency vehicles and the Navajo-Hopi Honor Riders escorted his body to Desert Memorial Mortuary where his family gathered to welcome their warrior home.

Red, white, and blue streamers fluttered through the air as members of the community gathered in the corner of Main Street and Edgewater Drive. Students from Tuba City Boarding School lined the street and showed their support by waving the American flag.

According to the Department of Defense, Davis' death is the first U.S. fatality since Jan. 20. Read more here.



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