Laotian Americans Missing in Laos

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 MINNEAPOLIS — According to a friend of the families, the three men Souly Kongdaravong, Bounma Phannhotha and Bounthieng Insixiengmay, were on their way to the funeral of Mr. Bounthieng’s brother-in-law around March 1, 2013, when family became concerned when they didn’t arrive in Savannakhet, a city in the southern province of Laos.

After a search that lasted a few days, relatives and friends discovered a car with three dead bodies inside, all burned to an unrecognizable degree. It is not yet known if the bodies are the three missing men, the spokesperson said.

It is still an ongoing investigation with local authorities in Laos and the U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is involved,” the spokesperson said. “They will be updating the families this week.