Boston Explosion: Please Don't Be Arabs or Muslims

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 Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line were senseless acts of violence, but a reminder of the fear, guilt and anxiety Arabs and Muslims feel after any modern-day terrorist attack, writes Khaled A Beydoun in an editorial for Al Jazeera English.

Beydoun, who text messaged a friend running in the 117th annual race, writes that while there is a deep concern for loved ones in danger from any violent attack, it is “superseded by a distinctly Arab and Muslim-American psychosis: ‘Please do not let the culprit be Arab or Muslim.’

This concern, he writes, comes from “implicated guilt that follows every modern terrorist attack from World Trade Center I to Sandy Hook and has emerged into a collective Arab and Muslim-American psychosis.”

“Indeed, it may typify best what it has come to mean to be Arab or Muslim-American,” he continues.

According to the editorial, the bombings claimed the lives of three and injured 130. Read more here.